3 Ways to Stay Motivated

3 Ways to Stay Motivated

By: Ben S. Fogel

We know how hard it is to continue to stay motivated, especially when it comes to your health and fitness.  It is because seeing results TAKES TIME.  “I want results tomorrow” doesn’t happen.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is truly the “boring basics” done alongside a long timeframe where the magic truly happens.  So how do we stay motivated, since we know that motivation is always fleeting, and it’s not like we have an unlimited supply of it!  Here are three ways we suggest that will keep you motivated for the long term.

1. DO IT! 

As the Nike slogan suggests, the truly easiest way to get started and to stay committed is to take that first step.  Now, this can be hard.  Instead of planning out a schedule of working out and meal prepping that might take hours and hours of your time, and then ultimately becomes unsustainable, may I suggest taking the smallest step towards whatever habit you are looking to improve or start.

For example, if you want to start the habit of working out, and the hardest part is actually showing up to the gym – start by just driving there, get out of your car, walk inside the gym, do one set of ONE exercise, then leave.  This may be a total of 2-5 minutes at the gym, but it puts you in the habit of SHOWING UP and DOING IT, which, in my 15+ years of experience as a coach I see as one of the hardest habits to actually master.  Taking action truly fuels and feeds your motivation.  

Another example.  Want to get into a running routine.  Wake up in the morning and put your running shoes on.  That’s it.  Just lace them up!  The act of just doing this will roll into stepping outside and off the curb and running your first block, just don’t plan to do this on your first day.  

2. Have an “Accountability” Buddy (What we love to call an “Accountabilibuddy”)  

This is one that is usually really overlooked.  Oftentimes, we feel like we are left to our own devices when we start a new routine of going to the gym, and much of the time we go on our own.  This is one thing that can really drain our “motivational” stores.  We have no accountability to anyone, so we often end up quitting our routine because of the lack of accountability and the waning motivation.  The solution?  Find a person that has similar goals as you, and start to hold each other accountable. 

(Coach Leanna with Epic Rockstar member Brie, and her furry friend, Franklin all partnering up together!)

This is why at Epic we train in very small, semi-private cohorts that allows our members not only to get to know each other, but also to create bonds and friendships that stretch even further than just meeting each other for workouts at the gym!  

3. Hire an expert

This is one we are obviously partial to, but it works!  When we need to see a doctor, we schedule an appointment to get expert advice.  We don’t just rely on Google to help with our health concerns!  We hire an expert in every area of our life, all the time.  Here are some examples:

  • Tax time?  We hire a CPA professional
  • Dental work?  We hire a dentist
  • Need legal help?  We hire a lawyer
  • Need your car fixed?  We hire a mechanic
  • Is your heater broken?  We hire an HVAC professional

The point is, anytime in your life that you cannot complete something on your own, you hire an expert, right?  So why should your fitness be any different?  I know that in today’s world, fitness experts are looking more and more like Instagram models, and that we all need to have abs to be qualified.  This is the furthest thing from the truth.  I know that you may have hundreds of options out there, from online training apps, to YouTube videos, and so much more.  

(Epic Member, Ernie A. 1 year and 100+ pounds after deciding to hire an expert!)

The only thing I would suggest is when you hire an expert, be sure that your exercise program is customized 100% to you and YOUR goals.  So many times we see clients come in and that is always the one thing they never had.  Usually it is like this – “Here is the workout of the day” or a group style workout where everyone is doing the same movements/exercise regardless of their unique starting point.

  (Epic Member, Amy B. 1 year and 50+ pounds lost after committing to hiring an expert!)

We believe everyone is unique, and that is why we are one of the ONLY gyms in the state that offers a custom and personalized experience that meets you where you are today.  

Ready to learn more and keep your motivation high!?  Check out our “Epic 30 Day Experience” that we are offering until 3/31/2022.  Grab your spot before it is gone!  

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