Charli G. Shares her Epic Story!

We are so excited to be able to share Epic Fitness Rockstar Member, Charli G’s amazing transformation since she started with us.  She has shown up every day in the gym full of gratitude and a willingness to learn and improve 1% every day, and we have been so grateful to be on her team!

Here is more in Charli’s own words:

“This was truly a great experience.  It was a perfect amount of success with a mix of the perfect amount of challenge.  The most enjoyable part for me was the group and the classes.  I gained motivation and energy through the group support system.  While I wanted to improve for myself, it’s my coaches that I also didn’t want to let down.  This accountability is very powerful!

The biggest challenge for me is drinking alcohol.  Working out wasn’t a challenge for me but the alcohol was very difficult for me to give up.  Instead, I improved 1% and drank significantly less than I was prior to the challenge.  My area for improvement the next go around will be to drink even less, in fact, not at all.

The other obstacle for me was journaling.  During this challenge I went to NYC, Moab and Casper WY.  I stayed pretty strong eating and snacking and working out with some weaker moments.  Routine really helps with consistency and traveling added a significant “challenge” to a “challenge.”Despite these challenges, I feel like a new person.  I feel happy, I feel strong, I feel empowered.  I feel confident in my clothes and I feel confident in my own skin.  I will continue with the positive habits I developed, and I’ll continue on a positive path in my life.  I’m grateful for Epic Fitness, and all the staff for encouraging and motivating me.  Not only did I drop 2 sizes, but I dropped a lot of stress and grief along with it.  Thanks for coaching and cheering me on this journey.”

Thank you, Charli for sharing your amazing story!!

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