Cleaning out your kitchen

“If food is in your house or possession, either you, someone you love or someone you marginally tolerate will eventually it eat.” – John Berardi

Take a good look in your fridge and your cupboards.  Does what you see in there align with the goals you may have for how you look, feel and perform?  Sometimes we just have to hit the “reset” button when it comes to the food we have on hand in our homes.  In doing this, you can not only help yourself, but also your family towards having better habits when it comes to nutrition.  
We have come up with a 3-step solution that will help you clean out your kitchen.  First, here are 3 guideline questions for starting – start with separating your foods into green, yellow and red light foods: 
  1. Green light foods: What are we going to KEEP?
  2. Red light foods: What are we going to DISCARD?
  3. Yellow light foods: What are we going to DISCUSS?

What we are going to KEEP:

  • Whole foods!
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Whole grains
  • Healthy fats

What we are going to DISCARD:
  • Anything that doesn’t pass the “Eat Like an Adult” rule.  If your kids (or kids you know and love) would open up the cupboard and start chowing it down, then it does NOT pass this rule.  
  • Candy, desserts, pastries… are you seeing a theme here? 
  • Highly processed foods – ingredients you cannot pronounce or ingredient list is too long (ie: boxed mac n cheese, cereals)
  • Alcohol

(If your cupboard looks like this, that is ok.  Just decide if these items will help you get closer to reaching your goals or not)
What are we going to DISCUSS:
  • Foods you can keep around, and you KNOW you won’t eat the entire box/bag in one sitting.
  • Foods that are “healthy” but you know you may overindulge in (nut butters, bars, popcorn, dressings)
  • Ask yourself: “Is this worth it?”
Remember –  You may have resistance or an emotional response to getting rid of some of the red or yellow light food items – and that is OKAY!  Start this process and you will see how mentally strong it helps you become.  

Are you ready to kickstart 2021 off with a bang!  We have the perfect challenge for you to put your health first in our upcoming “New Year New You” Challenge.  Check out more details below!

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