Create a pain free Push-Up!

What’s up Epic Fitness Rockstars, Ben here! I just wanted to take a quick 3 minutes to give you 2 great tips for fixing your push-ups! What we see more often than not is the “elbow flare” – or where your elbows drive outward and not towards the body which can cause shoulder and neck pain. We also see this create a poor position of the head and neck, so this video addresses those 2 common faults.

Here are the 2 fixes you can give a try today to make your push-up awesome:

Fix #1 – Use small plates to put your thumbs on. What this actually does is forces you to use your hands more and to drive your thumbs and fingers into the ground more! This will in-turn keep your elbows more “tucked in” and in a strong position to perform a push-up!

Fix #2 – Have a focal point in front of your head 1-2 feet to create a little extension in your neck so your head and neck don’t lead during your push-up. What this will do is keep your neck in alignment with the rest of your spine and create great integrity through your entire back during a push-up!

Watch this very short video and give these 2 tips a try next time you perform your push- ups, and let us know how they go!

[videopress nmcFmTwG]


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