Epic Client Spotlight – Guest Blog Mary Lynn Cortez

Mary Lynn has had an amazing transformation since she has joined us just a few short months ago!   We are so happy to be sharing her story, as she is so inspiring to us all in showing what hard work and dedication can do!  She recently shared her story of how she started with us, and we are honored to share it below:


Where were you before you joined and became a client of our gym? How were you feeling?

Mary Lynn:  I was overweight, feeling sluggish, and not liking myself very much. I really couldn’t visualize losing the weight at all.

What was your turning point that you decided to take action?

Mary Lynn:  It wasn’t my turning point, it was my husbands.  My husband came here and said he just knew if I found a place I enjoyed, it would trigger something and I would get back into it.

I always loved exercise but something happened and I just turned it off. I would toy with it go for a month here and there, but I just couldn’t get back into it.  I came here pretty reluctantly but something clicked.  After the first strategy session I felt like Epic Fitness was really going to help me get back into exercise.

Why had you not joined in the past? 

Mary Lynn:  I had joined other gyms in the past because I had always worked out on my own.  I have run marathons, done bike rides, exercise tapes and had good results from them.  Then something just turned me off from exercise.   And its not like my weight never fluctuated.  Its always been up and down, but I would exercise through it all.


What happened when you joined?   What surprised you?

Mary Lynn:  I like the fact that the Epic Fitness team shows me the right way to do things.  I always liked exercise, in fact I was a certified aerobic instructor and taught for many years.  I like that it is a much smaller gym, the coaches  help me do things right, and I don’t feel like I was going to get injured.  And because I was over weight everything was hard at first!

 What were some of the biggest changes you noticed during our recent New Year New Year challenge?

Mary Lynn:  Little things.  I felt like I walked better and I was able to move better with out struggling.  Writing my food down really helped it kept me accountable.


How do you feel now?

Mary Lynn:  I feel great! I feel a lot better but I know I still have work to do. I notice myself getting stronger in things I couldn’t do before I can do now. I live in a hilly area and before I would go up the hills stiff legged but now the hills feel pretty good. I don’t feel like I do a lot of cardio here but what ever Epic does helps!