Epic Member Guest Spotlight – Katie Hamilton

Katie has been so focused on her goals and what she has wanted to accomplish over the past several months, it has been such an inspiration for us all to watch at the gym.  From being able to overcome a double knee surgery and to recover from that and to transform and shift her entire mindset has been so amazing to watch and be a part of!

Here is her story!


Where were you before you joined and became a client of our gym? How were you feeling?

Sluggish and over weight. I have always had positive self esteem. I look in the mirror and I could be 300-350 lbs and visually I think I look great. But I was noticing my knees hurt.  I had just come off some knee surgeries and I wasn’t mobile.  I would go to grab something or climb up on something and my body hurt.  And that was equated to the weight I was carrying.

What was your turning point that you decided to take action?

After knowing I had to have some knee surgeries and knowing that if I went into surgery and out of surgery where I was at, it wouldn’t go well.  Going into surgery set me back already further than I was initially,  and would have been something I would not have been able to recover from.  Especially if I did not have someone who could bring me out of it (surgeries) in a very thoughtful slow process.

Why had you not joined in the past? (Excuses)

Cost was an issue. I had gone to some boot camps and stuff but my sister was coming here.  She explained to me that obviously you could go to a group class and do squats and push ups in a boot campish program and eventually you would lose weight. But if your body hurts and you don’t have a program that is necessarily fit to you and your abilities you wont succeed, you will most likely stop. But your program, at Epic Fitness, fits the person.

What happened when you joined? What surprised you?

Epic Fitness’s ability to model a program directly to me and my needs; injuries, weight, chronic problems, what have you. They could modify the program exactly to me and keep me moving forward to continue achieving milestones without injuries. I went home sore but I never went home hurt.

What were some of the biggest changes you noticed during our recent New Year New You challenge?

I liked the challenge because I am competitive and my sister is competitive, so when you are held accountable by your peers and you go all out you will see results.  But when you see some significate results after going for 30 days it really makes you want to work that much harder.

How do you feel now?

GREAT!  I have lost 15 lbs and that is 80% on my eating plans. If I want a slice of pizza, I have a slice of pizza.  But your body feels so good and you feel so much better that tend to reach for a salad instead of the pizza. As a whole I just feel better, emotionally and physically.