Epic Member Guest Spotlight – Shay Bagley

Epic Fitness member Shay Bagley has proved many of us wrong.  He once was told he would never walk again on his own, that he would never be able to care for himself and his family.  When I asked him what his biggest goal was when starting with us he said “I want to be able to care for my family and my children and be able to ride a horse again on my own.”  These were some pretty high hopes for Shay who had over a decade ago a traumatic brain injury from a severe tractor accident.

Shay works hard each and every week to reach these goals, and he has made some huge strides so far.  Check out his story!

Where were you before you joined and became a client of our gym? How were you feeling?

I was feeling down because I wasn’t improving very fast with my brain injury.    I grew way bigger, I gained a lot of weight.  I was up to nearly 250 pounds – I was down and had no motivation to do anything at all, especially exercise.
shay beforeWhat was your turning point that you decided to take action?

My sister Kambie said, “Come workout here you will have lots of fun” so I came and gave it a shot and now it’s the highlight of my week. I thought what’s the worst that can happen – it won’t work.  Everything is worth a try.

Why had you not joined in the past? 

I didn’t really know about it and didn’t know it could help me and my situation.

What happened when you joined? What surprised you?

I noticed I started to get more motor and trunk control, much stronger, and my balance is coming along.  I have more control of my body getting up from the floor and standing, and I am even pushing the sled now!  Before I started I couldn’t move my left leg very at all and now I can move it really good.

Also, one day I  wanted to go hunting with my sister and her fiancé, but they told me I couldn’t go unless I got in the truck by myself.  Well,  I wasn’t  going to stay home by myself.  They went inside and when they came back I had gotten myself from my wheelchair to my truck.  I noticed I have gotten stronger from working out and no am able to move my body better and do things like this I never could have done before.

I also notice I have much more endurance and don’t get as tired as when I was heavier.      I was up to 250 pounds and now I am down to 195 pounds in just the last 10 months.  This has made a huge difference as well!

shay after

How do you feel now?

I feel great! Like a total turn around.  I am much more motivated to do more stuff.  The two days a week I spend at Epic Fitness are the total highlight of my week!