Ernie’s Transformation

Ernie’s Amazing Transformation

“I just went through a divorce, I had no confidence and I was 316lbs.”

Ernie joined Epic Fitness in a stressful season of life, and was looking to make some positive changes.

“At the beginning, getting in the doors sucked.  But once I finished a few sessions, I realized this was a mountain I could climb. I started losing weight and my success snowballed from there.”

Ernie took initiative and talked with our team about a nutrition plan and how to stay consistent. He watched his calorie intake, stayed sober and maintained focus on his goals of feeling better and stronger in his body.

The result? He has lost 105 pounds!

He is now is 211 pounds and not only working hard in the gym, but staying active in his life and job.  It is not just about the weight loss for him, either.  He now has the energy to play with his 2 kids, to work more efficiently with his job that requires manual labor, and so much more!  

We are SO proud to be a part of Ernie’s success story and can’t want to see where he goes from here!

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