Fit Fact ~ Think of your body as a…Fireplace?!


Keep the Fire going!

Next time you skip a meal (or worse yet, breakfast!) think of what is going on inside your body.  You need to look at your body as if it were a fireplace.  Pretend that you wake up in the morning, and you want to start a fire in your fireplace (your metabolism). To get the fire going, you need to add more than you’d need to simply keep it going — so start with a few logs, some newspaper, and kindling (plenty of food at breakfast). After the fire is already going, you’ll need to add a log or two (smaller meals) every 2-3 hours to keep it going strong.

Sometimes, the wood might be drier, so you’ll need to add more wood at particular times of the day (post-exercise). Generally, though, your fire will burn strong all day long if you just keep adding a log at the right time (every 3 hours or so).

If, however, you don’t put in the time to get it going first-thing in the morning (skipping breakfast), there isn’t going to be a fire for the rest of the day. Likewise, if you just put a bunch of wood in there at the beginning of the day and then ignore it until the evening (dinner), you’re going to have a cold house at dinnertime!  So the best advice I can give anyone is don’t skip breakfast, and make sure it is made up of mostly good sources of protein (eggs work great) and fat (avocado, sausage, etc).

This study showed significantly greater fat loss in subjects consuming six meals instead of two meals even when total calories were held constant.

Iwao S, et al. Effects of meal frequency on body composition during weight control in boxers. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 1996 Oct;6(5):265-72.