In Her Own Words – Dani R.

We are so excited to share Dani’s story.  Dani started with us several months ago in our fall challenge.  She came in with some different expectations than what she left with and her outlook on working out, life and happiness is amazing! Here is Dani, in her own words.

“The past 8 weeks have definitely been a journey! There were many ups and downs but looking back I can see how all of the downs helped guide me and make me stronger to climb back up. I think the biggest thing I learned is that we are all on a journey and the journey never ends.  I have spent a lifetime comparing myself to other people-she’s skinnier, he’s stronger, she’s healthier, he’s faster, she’s more determined, he’s happier.

Over the past few weeks I’ve still been comparing myself to others but what I’m starting to realize is we are all different and everyone journey has ups and downs and no one has reached the end if we are still living.  This has helped me to realize I’m never going to reach the “end “goal.  I’ll achieve goals for sure, but I will always have something else I want to achieve on the horizon. And now I’m starting to get it, that the journey is “the thing.”  It’s about being happy someday, its than being on the journey and working towards something is the ways to be happy. Do I still have fitness goals? Do I still have inches of fat to lose? Yes! Can I still treat my body with more respect with the foods I consume?  YES! But I’m starting to realize I achieved my satisfaction and happiness I hoped for at the “end” not at the end but in every workout, in every meal prep, in every time I say no to the sugary treat I don’t really need.  I feel happy at the gym when I ‘m around other people who are also on a journey.  And maybe their end goal is different than mine, but we are all at the gym working on our journey and giving it all we have at that moment to better ourselves just a little bit.

I’ve really appreciated this challenge and its real life approach.  I finally don’t feel like I am dieting for 8 weeks to lose X number of pounds and then I can finally stop dieting. I finally feel like I am changing my diet for life. I am changing my diet to fit the life I want which is health and happiness. And now when I eat things that aren’t the healthiest I am aware of the choice a d accept control of the choice. Then the most important thing I have learned is to get back to may goals and healthy eating choices as soon as possible. I’m learning not to beat myself up for choices I’ve made but to acknowledge my choices and my choices and move forward making choices in the future that align with my life goals and vision.

It’s my life, my journey, my choice. I chose to keep moving forward, I choose my choices and I choose health and happiness all throughout my journey.

I choose to celebrate every day of my journey by being active participant and architect of my journey with the choices I make, every day.”

If you are ready to look at making sustainable change over the long term, but really need a “kick start”,  our upcoming “New Year New You” Challenge could be the perfect fit for you!

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