In Their Own Words – Tenille

We are so excited to share Tenille’s story!  Tenille has been a member for several months now, and she started with us not having any experience inside a gym and never had stepped foot inside a gym before.  She talks about some of the obstacles she had to overcome to really feel comfortable in a space where she felt a deep sense of accomplishment, accountability and support.

Here is more from Tenille:

“The past eight weeks has helped me realize what I’m capable of especially when I feel supported by family and friends, and even my new friends at Epic Fitness. When I started eight weeks ago I had never stepped foot in a gym before to solely workout. Now I enjoy learning new moves and am feeling my body and mind getting stronger each week. Thanks to the Epic Fitness team of awesome coaches who have helped my embrace the powerful, strong, and vibrant person that I am! Epic has helped me be bold about my fears and insecurities that I’ve had over going to the gym. Not only have I noticed, but my close friends and family have as well.

I feel I’ve encountered a few obstacles along the way which in the past would have set me on the course of giving up all together. Fortunately, I’ve learned new ways of coping with these obstacles. Our accountability meetings were set in place once a week to help up along in our journey. I feel meeting together really helped me because I could hear others talk about their own struggles, which in turn helped me realize I’m not alone. We all have struggles, just don’t let them define us.

I am proud of what I’ve achieved. I can’t say I’d do anything different.  It was much harder physically and mentally for me.  I’m a smoker or I should say former smoker! And this journey has helped me to quit for good!!! It’s always a struggle and will always be a struggle.  I’d finally learned I’m worth it!

I’ve also learned healthy living is about feeling strong, focused, and positive.  It’s helped me to be bold and eat well which in turn live well and enjoy my life every day to the fullest.  I know I am getting stronger every day.  My family is getting stronger every day.  All of Epic’s support and positive encouragement has helped me more than you’ll ever know.  I am grateful for this journey and all that I’ve learned along the way!”

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