Whitney T. Shares her Physical and Mental Transformation!

Epic Fitness Rockstar Member, Whitney T. recently completed our last 8 week challenge and we wanted to share her amazing journey! Not only is Whitney one of our most consistent members physically (she also hit 100 workouts in the last 6 months!) she also found that in order to get sustainable results she had to dig deep mentally as well.
Here is Whitney’s story:
“Wow!  What a journey!  The last 8 weeks were great, and I feel like I could’ve accomplished more – but I am proud of what I accomplished.  I feel that it kicked me into a mental and physical state that I have not been in in a while. The last 8 weeks have made me more accountable with my food choices.  I feel like because I had a goal in mind it was easy to stay on track.  Although that may be the case, I feel like it helped me create good habits and kick bad habits.I feel like it helped me create a habit of consistency in the gym.  Because of that consistency it led me to see results, which made me want to keep going harder.Of course, the physical changes and nutritional accountability was helpful, but over the last 8 weeks I have been able to mentally dig deeper.  Sometimes there are so many mental barriers that stop me from being my best self and I have learned the importance of de-stressing and being nicer to myself. All of this combined are habits that will help me going forward on my transformation journey to being a better me!”
We are so grateful to have members like Whitney who share such amazing stories! Ready to make 2020 your year of sustainable change?! We would love to be in your corner!

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