Commit 1.8% of your week to THIS!

Can you commit 1.8% of your week to THIS?

(The persistence of memory – Salvador Dali)

I am a big fan of some of Salvador Dali’s work, and this piece above is one of my favorites.  The clocks are meant to symbolize the passing of time as one experiences it in a dream state.  I also see it as “time melting away.”

Which brings me to the topic of time…

“I don’t have enough time to workout.”

This is usually one of the obstacles thrown out there when someone is attempting to find the time to add fitness in their life.

The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization’s guidelines for exercise and activity are to engage in “150 minutes per week of moderate exercise.”  150 minutes per week.  Not a bad recommendation.  This is just 2 hours and 30 minutes a week – out of 168 total hours. 

Some of our most successful members at Epic Fitness make working out a priority, and make it a plan to come to the gym 3 times per week.  This is a great place to start, and what we actually recommend to most clients when first starting out.  But, alas, this is still less than 1.8% of your week.  

So then, my question is: What are you prioritizing the other 98.2% of your week – those other 165 hours.  Well, let’s have some fun and do a little bit of math, shall we? 

If we start with 168 hours in a week we do the following:

  • Sleep – 8 hours per night (hopefully!) – 56 hours/week
  • Work – 8 hours per day – I will even bump this up to 10 hours per day in case you travel – 70 hours/week
  • Meals and meal prep – 3 hours per day with a 3 hour “meal prep” window – 24 hours/week
  • Workouts – 3 hours per week (adding in travel time to and from the gym – 6 hours/week)

Total hours – Sleep, Work (10hrs/day) and Meals = 150 hours.  With workouts = 156 hours.  We still have 12 FULL HOURS unaccounted for.  We can call these our “Facebook and Netflix” hours.  12 hours is a lot of extra time in one week.  And over the course of a month that equates to 2 FULL DAYS. 

2 full days over the course of one year amounts to 24 days (that is 576 hours) that we still have some freedom to use!    

Our advice – when you schedule it you have then absolutely made it a priority for yourself.  Schedule out your workouts for the week.  Schedule your “Me” time.  Schedule out your Sunday and midweek “meal prep” time.  Make it a fun activity for the entire family.  What doesn’t get scheduled will either get placed on someone else’s calendar, or the time will go away (kind of like those 576 hours that are unaccounted for).  

You CAN do this.  Less than 1.8% of your total week – let’s dedicate that to your fitness and your wellness! 

Ready to have a guide in your corner to help you with those 3 hours of your week to dedicate to YOU!  Check out our 14 Day Kickstart, where you can get started.

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