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As a business entrepreneur you know your most valuable asset is your workforce. To get the most out of your business, you MUST get the most productivity out of your people. To get the most productivity out of your people, you must have a healthy and happy workplace.

The Cost Of Being Unwell

American employers lose more than 300 billion dollars of productivity annually due to illness, sick days, absenteeism and sub-par performance ("presenteeism").

Increased Camaraderie and Employee Morale

As staff participates in wellness activities together and begin to see benefits, supporting each other in their successes, and assisting each other with challenges, they create a common bond that otherwise would not exist.

Lost Company Revenue

The average employee misses 8.4 days annually due to illness or injury, totaling more than $63 billion nationwide. The employee with a serious or chronic condition (diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, cancer, etc.) misses 72 days annually.

Less turnover, higher productivity

Teams with corporate wellness programs have significantly less turnover, and productivity skyrockets!

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