Epic Fitness Member Spotlight – Debbie!

We are super excited to be able to share Debbie’s story.  Debbie has been a prime example of what staying dedicated and on a fitness schedule truly means when the primary goal is fat loss.  Debbie had so many reasons of “Why” she was ready to make a change, and her why was so powerful that it lead her to some amazing action and results in just 8 short weeks!

Debbie talks more about her “Why” here:

I was starting to feel like being overweight was getting in the way of living life the way I wanted to.  I couldn’t keep up with my girlfriends when mountain biking.  My rock climbing harness didn’t fit.  I had started taking the elevator instead of climbing the stairs at work, and it felt like I was starting to waddle when I walked!  I felt awful about myself!  Looking back, it has been a great 8 weeks.  The accountability meetings and food journal helped me get good eating habits back, and getting up to go to the gym started feeling normal.”

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