How to perfect your Push-up and Row!

Today  we have coach Elena helping us with our technique and form with the TRX Row and the TRX Push-up. These are two great upper body movements we use at the gym everyday, and we wanted to share with you the best way to perform them!

[videopress Dju7mtCZ]

1. TRX Row – Common fault – Not maintaining a “plank” position during your row, or what we like to call the “floppy fish!”

Correction – Keep a straight line from your toes to your nose, while focusing on slowly driving your thumbs towards your armpits. PRO-TIP – Pretend you have a piece of plywood behind your back. Don’t punch your elbows through the plywood, just tap the board. Also, you can pretend you have a pencil between your shoulderblades and you want to “pinch the pencil!”

2. TRX Push-Up – Common fault – The elbows flaring out away from the body causing the shoulders to “shrug” towards the ears.

Correction – Focus on rotating the handles ever so slightly towards your rib cage, allowing the elbows to draw in at about a 45 degree angle from the body. When done correctly, as you lower in the push up, it should feel exactly the same as the pulling position of the row – driving the shoulder blades together and down and back!