Stacey’s Epic Journey!

We are so excited to share the story of Epic Fitness Rockstar member, Stacy! Stacy started with us having a passion for rock climbing, and knew she needed to get stronger to be able to climb with more strength and stamina.
What Stacy realized is once she made her workouts a priority, they became a habit and a regular part of her day! Check out below what keeps Stacy coming back and also her advice to anyone on the fence about hiring a professional to help with reaching their goals!
Check out Stacy’s entire story below!

[videopress aKZNoMwC]


Are you ready to make working out a part of your daily routine?  Are you ready to take your fitness and health to the next level?  If you have answered yes to these two questions, we would love to be in your corner for our upcoming “Drop 2 Sizes” Challenge!

Check out more information below (as well as how to save $50!), and how you can make sustainable change for the long term!

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