The “5 D’s” for managing cravings

Did you know the average weight gain by American’s between the Thanksgiving holiday and New Years Day is a staggering 15 pounds!?  Yes, you heard that right.  
15 pounds of fat gained is just the “average.”  So, how do you not become the “average” American.  It is really about managing your cravings by having a simplistic way to combat them.
But, where the heck can you start?  We like to call it the “5 D’s” – using the 5 D’s in the order below will help you to make a really good decision if you are actually hungry or bored – sad, angry or happy – or actually hungry.  Check out the 5 D’s below and how you can start using them when you start to have a craving for your favorite holiday dessert.  

Using the 5 D’s Successfully:

Delay: Postpone eating for 10-15 minutes when you feel an urge.  Maybe even set an alarm for those 10-15 minutes. You’re not saying “no” – just stopping to think before you eat. You’re not ignoring the thought but dealing with it. While you’re delaying your decision, the next D makes it easier.
Distract: Try a non-food activity to give you something to. Often the wave of desire to eat disappears in a few minutes when you keep your hands busy without food. Organize a room in your house, call a friend, go for a walk, fold the laundry or even drink a glass of water.  The most important part is to remove yourself from the situation and do something else!
Distance: It’s important to keep your eating environment at arm’s length – maintaining a distance. Remove yourself from the kitchen: “out of sight, out of mind” can help. Stay out of the kitchen especially when a craving strikes. Use the kitchen only for food preparation and meal consumption. Avoid it as a place to hang out.
Determine: After waiting 10-15 minutes, determine whether you are physically hungry or just thirsty; these two are often confused.  More often than not, just drinking a glass of water can quench your thirst and help you realize you were more thirsty than hungry to begin with. Also consider whether you might have emotional or boredom hunger, what we call “head hunger.”  If we asked you if you could eat a ½ cup of broccoli, and the answer is yes, then you are actually hungry!  Avoid getting over-hungry, a main consequence of meal skipping. All of these situations can be helped with a structured eating schedule and pre-planned meals and snacks.
Decide: If you’ve made it through the first 4 Ds, it’s time to make a smart choice. Think before you eat and pre-plan what you are really looking for – sweet, creamy, salty, chewy – before you make a choice. If you decide that you are hungry, practice eating slowly!
We understand life is going to happen.  Using the 5 D’s can really help you to slow down and realize that so much of the time we attach our emotions to eating, instead of using the food as fuel to keep us alive and well!

Are you ready to kickstart 2021 off with a bang!  We have the perfect challenge for you if you are ready to put their health first in our upcoming “New Year New You” Challenge.  Check out more details below!

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