The “Secret” To Motivation

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Today, we wanted to share a little message about motivation. Yes, right now getting motivated for just about anything can be SO hard. But that is even more of a reason to get fired up, and “control the controllables!” – Your mindset.

Here are a couple tips on motivation:

To make a new habit or behavior stick – Make it SO EASY that you can’t get it wrong (like the story I tell in the video above), but not so hard that you can’t get it right.

I know so many people that have the “all or nothing” mindset, but motivation will start to dwindle, and you are left with the nothing part, and back to your old ways.  Remember, willpower is not unlimited.  There are ways, however to keep motivation and willpower at a high level – especially during times like these.

So here is the quick formula to help with motivation:


Consistency –  It is important to mention that what you do consistently matters.  It is also important that it is performed in the same context (done the same time each and every day).

Discipline  – Make sure the thing you want to do is repeatable.  Remember, Make the thing you want to do consistently SO EASY that you can’t get it wrong, but not so hard that you can’t get it right!

Desire – Make sure the thing you are doing elicits a very positive emotional response from you, and you actually have the desire to follow through with yourself! Otherwise, you won’t want to do it everyday.

This formula has worked for me for over 20 years of competing at the highest level of competitive athletics, to owning a business now for over 12 years.  It is these 3 things that constitute and make up our daily habits, and it is our daily habits that decide our future.  I LOVE this quote:

“People do not decide their future.  They decide their habits.  And it’s their habits that decide their future.”   – F.M. Alexander

Now, ask yourself – What is the ONE change you can make in your life that will draw you 1% closer to your goals!?

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