Why Strength Training is King!

Why Strength Training is King!

Despite its reputation as a jock or guy thing, strength training is the key component to overall health and fitness for everyone, men and women alike.



If you want to reduce body fat, increase your lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently, strength training is the answer!  Muscle mass naturally diminishes with age and if you don’t do anything to replace the muscle you lose, you will increase the percentage of fat in your body.



Strength training can make the single most positive improvement in your body’s performance. Strength is the base for all activities, and how your body performs these activities depends on the quality of its muscles. The primary function of the body’s 600+ muscles is to move body parts. The stronger the muscles, the more forceful the contractions and the better your body will perform, move and function! An added bonus of strength training is injury prevention. People who strength train tend to have fewer injuries and if injury does occur, someone who who has been strength training will tend to heal faster!

Strength training vs Cardio Training

Performing steady state cardio exercise ONLY can be counterproductive resulting in muscle loss. The repeated impact of running, biking, swimming or rowing creates the same movement pattern leading to muscle imbalances over time that can lead to joint problems and injuries. Your cardio activity and performance will actually improve from strength training. You will run faster, bike stronger or swim harder.

A smart and effective strength training program is for everyone. There are too many physical, health and mental benefits to leave strength training out of your workout routine!