Invest Now, or Pay Later

I wanted to share a story today of a client that just celebrated her 1 year Epic anniversary with us.

She actually was close to never even starting with her fitness journey.

She came into her initial session with us very hesitant. Unsure if it was “worth it” to invest hundreds of dollars a month on her health. She actually didn’t even understand how so many people could actually afford what we do and what we offer.

Like we do at the start of every strategy session, we gather all medical and health history information – that way our coaches and team will know exactly how to deliver the best program to each individual client, including if there are contraindications with medication or certain exercises with injury history.

During this time, we found out that this individual was on several different medications – blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, and a few other medications to control her mood.

The entire session went very well, and she saw the potential of her starting this new routine could be a great route to slowly get her off a lot of the medications she was on – this was one of her “I Wills” – one of her big goals she chose to share with us. Her “Why” was so she could play for many years with her grandkids and actually be around for her granddaughters wedding, and dance at it as well! Now, that is a pretty powerful “Why”.

At the end of the session, once we made our recommendation of which program would get her to her goals the fastest, she said again “I don’t know how I can afford this.”

I responded with “You have two choices. You can invest in your health now, or you can pay later in the medical and ‘sick care’ health care system. The great part is, you get to choose.”

Then I asked, “I know one of your big goals is to get off your medications. How much are you paying right now monthly for those meds?” She replied with “$350 per month.”

I replied, “That is more than the monthly investment in the gym. Would you be willing to invest in yourself now, so you don’t have to worry about paying now, and even later in your life?”

It clicked. She got it.

One year later, she is off her blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety medications. She is using exercise as her drug of choice. What an amazing investment in herself.

I hope this story resonates with some of you. Remember, we all have the strongest power among us – the power to choose.

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