Create a pain free Deadlift!

What’s up, Epic Fitness Rockstars!!  Ben here over at Epic Fitness. I wanted to share 3 tips to perfect your deadlift, and how to not hurt your back from a deadlift again!

This is something that our entire team is super passionate about – we know the reason you workout is to get stronger in this game of life, and to avoid injury, and the deadlift is probably one of the “biggest bang for your buck” exercises that will help keep your back healthy and strong!

Here are the 3 tips we use at the gym to make your technique feel great when you deadlift!

TIP #1 – Elevate your toes – This small change can make a big impact in finding those “hamstrings” and muscles you want to find when you first start to deadlift. Also, elevating your toes will also give you great feedback to push your hips “back” and not just “down” like a squat.

TIP #2 – Use a dowel to find a neutral spine – The dowel will give you instant feedback on if you are keeping a neutral spine and to keep from flexing your back. The goal is to keep the dowel on your butt, upper back and head during the entire movement.

TIP #3 – Use a Sandbag and load your deadlift in front of your body to start. This really makes you focus on bracing, keeping a great spine position, and pushing your hips back to create a “maximal hip bend, minimal knee bend” position that is so important to create before trying to lift heavy weights!

Check out the short video below and give these 3 tips a try, and let us know which one works best for you!

[videopress PZFWSoTe]