Create a pain free Plank!

What’s up, Epic Fitness Rockstars! Ben here at Epic Fitness, and today I wanted to go over not only how to progress just a basic plank into a “harder” plank by using TENSION, but also how to make sure you are doing them perfect and without any back pain.

We love to use the cue “from the toes to the nose” when we teach planks, making sure the body is braced all the way through, not just the abs only. So give this a try next time you hold a plank:

Step #1 – SQUEEZE your heels together (ensures feet are together and connected).

Step #2 – SQUEEZE your knees together – (ensures your hips and butt are working too!)

Step #3 – SQUEEZE and pull your elbows towards your ribs! This is what we call a “hardstyle” plank, and we love to use this variation because it teaches how you can control TENSION to make an exercise harder, without having to just hold a plank for longer!

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