Tasha G. Shares her Epic Transformation!

Epic Fitness Rockstar Member, Tasha G. recently completed our last 8 week challenge and we wanted to share her amazing journey! Tasha’s journey was as much mental and emotional as it was physical. She realized in the first week how much weighing herself every day was mentally holding her back from long term, sustainable results. Once she turned in her scale to us, she found it to be one of the most freeing things she could do to get her mind right!

Here is some of what Tasha shared with us:

“I learned that the scale did not determine my weight loss journey.  I was completely focused on what the scale number was and not on how I was feeling.  I was allowing the numbers on the scale to determine how I was feeling for the rest of my day.  I can’t begin to tell you how freeing it was to turn in my scale.  After turning in my scale, I started to focus more on my food and my program.  I then started to notice my clothes were getting looser and my body started to get stronger.  I started to realize that the numbers on the scale didn’t define who I am.

Another huge turning point for me in this challenge was when we had to write a positive letter to ourselves. Whoa, what a huge eye-opening experience that was!  I didn’t realize how negative I was being to myself.  Once I started replacing my negative thoughts with some of my positive thoughts from my letter everything started to shift for me.  I was able to catch myself from saying and thinking negative things about myself.  I started to believe in myself again!”

Tasha is a perfect example of taking something as simple as the scale out of the equation for measuring progress, and instead using how she feels and how her clothes fit as a true indicator of success!

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